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Annual Report


Iris Borowsky
University of Minnesota

Debra Bogen
University of Pittsburgh

SIG purpose/mission:

The Fellowship Training SIG serves as a forum for fellowship faculty, fellows, graduates of fellowship programs, and anyone passionate about fellowship training.

Current SIG goals:

  1. To support conversation and collaboration among a community of colleagues involved in fellowship training.
  2. To share and discuss successful strategies, challenges, and curricular innovations in fellowship training.
  3. To advocate for Academic General Pediatric fellowship training, including funding and other program needs.

Annual summary:

At the 2016 PAS Annual Meeting, we teamed up once again with the dynamic Academic Fellows SIG and participated in a workshop on Human Centered Design for Research and QI. During our 3-hour session on Saturday morning, April 30th, we walked through the design process of answering a question, including: 1) Developing the question; 2) Interviewing people (in the hotel lobby while meeting-goers waited on line for java!); and 3) prototyping.  The workshop delivered all it promised - a creative process of inspiration, ideation, and implementation applicable to so much of what we do.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to Paul Darden for his founding leadership of our SIG and many years of service as Co-chair. We welcome Debra Bogen as a new Co-chair and look forward to the wonderful ideas and energy she brings to the role.

Other groups that work in our area of interest:

  • Academic General Pediatrics (AGP) Fellowship Accreditation Program
  • Association of Pediatric Program Directors (APPD)
  • Fellowship Common Match
  • Council of Pediatric Subspecialties (CoPS)
  • Subspecialty Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA) Research Project

2016 Annual Report

June 2015

June 2015

April 2017 Newsletter Article

The Fellowship Training SIG welcomes fellowship faculty, fellows, former fellows, and anyone interested in fellowship training to join our SIG session at the PAS Annual Meeting in San Francisco on Monday, May 8, 2017, 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM.

Presenters will each talk for 5-10 minutes about a novel or special part of their fellowship training program:

  • Sara Johnson, PhD (Johns Hopkins – AGP): Scholarship Oversight Committee (SOC) & Education series (focused on principles of adult learning)
  • Corinna Rea, MD, MPH​ (Harvard - AGP): Clinical rotations to develop expertise
  • Melissa M. Carbajal, MD (Baylor – NICU): Fellowship Retreat
  • Heather French (CHOP - NICU): Scholarly Pathways
  • Arthur Fierman, MD (NYU – AGP): Medical Writing Sessions
  • Iris Borowsky, MD PhD (U Minn- AGP): Equity and Diversity Lunch Discussions
  • Debra Bogen, MD (U Pittsburgh - AGP): Peer Writing Seminar

We are looking forward to exchanging great ideas and having an interactive and informative SIG meeting. Please contact Debra Bogen - bogendl@upmc.edu or Iris Borowsky - borow004@umn.edu with questions.

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Past Meetings

2014 PAS Meeting in Vancouver
The Fellowship Training SIG met on Saturday May 3rd at the 2014 PAS Annual Meeting in Vancouver. There were several excellent speakers and valuable discussion. We started with a Gift Circle led by Iris Borowsky from the University of Minnesota, where participants shared their needs/challenges as well as "gifts"/ideas for others. Arthur Fierman from the New York University School of Medicine presented on the development of a course on writing and communicating about research for fellows. Bill Basco from the Medical University of South Carolina presented his experience working with Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowships in a unified match process this year, including lessons learned and implications for Academic General Pediatric (AGP) Fellowships moving forward. Lou Bell from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia followed with an update on the APA's AGP Fellowship Accreditation Program and the first pre-PAS Meeting programming offered for fellows in accredited programs this year. Paul Darden from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center led a discussion on Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) and milestones and their appropriateness for AGP Fellowship Programs. We ended with a terrific idea for next year's session so stay tuned!

PAS Session6 2014 PHM_Fellowship Match Issues by Bill Basco
PAS Session5 2014 Teaching Medical Writing by Arthur H. Fierman
PAS session5 2014 Writing and Communicating about Research by Arthur H. Fierman

2011 PAS Meeting in Denver

New this Year for Fellows at Denver PAS
The Fellowship Training SIG welcomes and encourages all fellowship faculty, fellows, graduates of fellowship programs, and anyone passionate about fellowship training to join.

Presentations and Handouts at the Fellowship Training SIG PAS Meeting 2009

Presentations at the Fellowship Training SIG PAS Meeting 2008

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Current SIG Co-Chairs:

Debra Bogen, MD
3414 5th Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: (412) 692-6932

Sara Johnson, PhD, MPH
200 N. Wolfe Street, Suite 2017
Baltimore, MD 21287
Phone: (410) 614-8437

Corinna Rea, MD
955 Centre Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Phone: (617) 355-4188



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