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Make your arrangements for the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) 2017 meeting!

1The 2017 PAS meeting will be held May 6-9 in San Francisco, CA. You will have opportunities to connect with the RAPID National Advisory Committee (NAC) and past and present RAPID Scholars and Conference attendees, as well as support several RAPID Scholars as they present their RAPID projects.



Cristina Fernandez, 2015 RAPID Scholar, had the abstract from her RAPID project accepted for presentation in the prestigious AAP Presidential Plenary session at PAS 2017 in San Francisco. Mark your calendars and make sure to attend her presentation, "Food, Energy, and Housing Insecurities and Adverse Child Behavior and Health,"; on Sunday, May 7. We will provide the exact time and location, when available.

3Thao Ly-Phan, 2014 Scholar, will be presenting her RAPID project, "Impact of Psychosocial Risk on Attrition and Weight Outcomes Among Families Seeking Treatment for Obesity,"; at PAS 2017 as a platform presentation in the Obesity & Disordered Eating: Novel Approaches to Reducing Risk and Improving Outcomes in Pediatric Obesity session. Show your support by attending her presentation on Sunday, May 7, from 10:45 to 11:00AM. We will provide the exact location when available.


4 Congratulations to Jennifer Woo Baidal, a 2014 RAPID Scholar, on receiving the prestigious and highly competitive Robert Wood Johnson Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Award (AMFDP) four-year career development award for her proposal, "Applying Non-Invasive Technologies to Diagnose Pediatric Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease."

5Juan Espinoza, 2015 RAPID Scholar, recently received the APA Research Scholars Award, a three-year career development program targeting faculty in general pediatrics who are looking to increase their research skills. Congratulations, Juan!



Check out the article published in the December 2016 issue of the International Journal for Equity in Health entitled, "Hot topics, urgent priorities, and ensuring success for racial/ethnic minority young investigators in academic pediatrics,"; which was co-authored by 2015 RAPID Conference attendees, Scholars, and NAC members. Read article here

Recent Grants

Thao Ly-Phan, 2014 RAPID Scholar, received a K23 career development grant in 2016 for her proposal, "Integrating Parenting Interventions into Pediatric Obesity Care."; With this grant, Dr. Ly-Phan will develop an intervention consisting of brief, tailored, culturally sensitive videos to provide guidance on the use of evidence-based parenting techniques for managing a child's obesity-related behaviors.

Suzanna Martinez, 2014 RAPID Scholar, received a K01 career development grant in 2016 for her proposal, "Sleep Duration and Risk for Obesity in Mexican American Children."; Dr. Martinez will use this grant to examine behavioral mechanisms that link sleep duration to obesity, data that will be used to plan a randomized control intervention to promote optimal health eating and physical activity among Mexican-American children.



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