1. Can an applicant apply for 2 different awards in same funding cycle?
    Yes, applicants may submit more than one proposal provided that each has a different research question. However, only 1 award will be given to a PI per year.
  2. What if my project fits into 2 award categories?
    Applicants must choose only 1 category for submission.
  3. Can previous awardees apply?
    Previous awardees may act as mentors or national facilitators for current awardees.
  4. Is travel to PAS required?
    Yes, with the exception of those accepted to the RIA funding track.
  5. What is the process for requesting a no-cost extension (NCE)?
    A no-cost extension (NCE) for 6 to 12 months is possible, subject to justification and approval by the APA and leadership of each funding source.
  6. Why are the amounts of the awards different?
    As the award categories are supported by grants received by different funding agencies, the maximum award amount and requirements vary.
  7. What is the definition of a young investigator?
    Young Investigators are defined as:
    • Faculty members who are no more than 5 years out from completion of all training as of the date LOIs are due
    • Fellows
    • Residents

    Applicants who would like to be considered eligible for a period of time beyond 5 years (e.g. extended family leave, job sharing, military service/deployment) should include an additional statement, 3 sentences or less, describing their situation and rationale for this request. This statement should be provided in a separate document and does NOT count toward the page limit of the proposal. The mentor’s letter should also support the request for extended eligibility. Applicants who are uncertain about their eligibility may contact APA staff at yia@academicpeds.org.
  8. What is the definition of a resident investigator?
    Resident investigators are defined as a doctor, nurse, or surgeon engaged in residency.
  9. Who is eligible to apply to RAPID?
    RAPID targets applicants who are members of an underrepresented minority group (URM), disabled, or from a socially, culturally, economically, or educationally disadvantaged background, as defined by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
  10. Should checklists be submitted with the LOI or full proposal?
    No, these documents are intended to assure you prepare all necessary materials and should not be submitted.
  11. My institution requires that I include indirect costs. Is this acceptable?
    Indirect costs are not acceptable and will not be considered.
  12. Can I include funds for a statistician in my budget?
    Yes, direct costs for statisticians are acceptable, as long as they are properly justified in the submitted proposal. All required components must be submitted through the online application (hyperlink “online application” to a webpage listing instructions and access to the application: Young Investigator Award Application Instructions)
  13. Where do I send my proposal?
    Please submit all materials through the online application.
  14. To whom should letters be addressed?
    For Young Investigator Awards:
    Karen Wilson, MD, MPH, Chair, APA Young Investigator Award Program
    6728 Old McLean Village Drive
    McLean, VA 22101.

    For Resident Investigator Awards:
    Cynthia Minkovitz, MD, MPP, Chair, APA Resident Investigator Award Program
    6728 Old McLean Village Drive
    McLean, VA 22101.

    For RAPID:
    Dr. Glenn Flores, RAPID Program Director
    6728 Old McLean Village Drive
    McLean, VA 22101.

    Please note, letters need to be uploaded through the online application with all required elements of the proposal.
  15. What format should I use for my biosketch?
    The biosketch should use the standard NIH biosketch form and may not exceed two pages. Instructions for completing the biosketch form can be found here. The NIH biosketch now includes a Personal Statement. As part of this statement, please describe how the proposal relates to and will help to facilitate the investigator’s career path for this purpose as it relates to the proposed research agenda. Please include a biosketch for both the applicant and primary mentor.
  16. I am transferring institutions. What is the process for transferring my award funds?
    Please notify the APA of institutional changes via written notice on institutional letterhead. Include your name, contact information, project title, funding track, and the contact information of the administrator handling your award funds at your current institution. Any unused funds at your current institution should be returned via check to the APA Central Office by mail:

    Academic Pediatric Association Attn: YIA Program 6728 Old McLean Village Drive McLean, VA 22101

    The check may also be sent by email at yia@academicpeds.org.

    APA will disburse your remaining award funds after receipt of payment information for your new institution. Please note this may take a couple of months pending your institution’s internal processes.
  17. I am transferring institutions. Should I identify a local mentor at my new institution?
    You do not necessarily need a new mentor, but it would be a great opportunity to find one local to you!

    If you and your current mentor plan to continue working together, please provide a letter of support that shares a revised plan for communication.

    If you identify a mentor at your new institution, please submit a letter of support that describes the mentor’s research experience and skills in relation to the proposal, as well as the responsibilities of the mentor in supervising the investigator for this proposal. This letter should include a plan for communication with the mentee and the institutional support for the proposed research (e.g. in kind resources, infrastructure to support the young investigator and proposed research project, expenses not covered by the YI award).
  18. I am not an APA member. Can I still submit an LOI?
    Yes, as long as your LOI is preceded by an application for APA membership. You may apply to join the APA here.
  19. What happened to the APA-Commonwealth Fund YIA, the APA-AHRQ YIA, the APA-Aetna Foundation YIA, and the APA/CDC YIA?
    These funding opportunities were available in past years; however, they have been discontinued.



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