COntinuity Research NETwork

Welcome to the COntinuity Research NETwork of the APA!

CORNET is a national practice-based research network composed of pediatric resident continuity practices.

CORNET Mission Statement

The CORNET mission is to establish a self-sustaining collaborative research network among pediatric continuity clinic clinicians that produces quality research in primary care, health care delivery, improvement science, and medical education. Findings will be disseminated in order to improve the health care of underserved populations and the training of future pediatricians.

CORNET's goals are:

  1. To study health and healthcare issues of minority and underserved children.
  2. To compare health care issues of minority and underserved populations to those of other populations, especially examining healthcare disparities.
  3. To study resident education, a) compare practice behavior between residents in their continuity practices and pediatricians in their practice settings and b) increase resident exposure to and involvement in primary care research.

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