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July 2017 Newsletter Article

Sue Bostwick

Finally getting through the post PAS whirlwind--what a combination of exhaustion and exhilaration! PAS was a packed meeting and it was great getting to see so many of our members there; presenting scholarship, collaborating, networking and mentoring.  The opportunities were wonderful, including our new Speed Learning Session at the Members’ Meeting and our interactive Presidential Plenary; spearheaded by Mary Ottolini.  Both sessions were a change from the past and we plan to continue to innovate.

As you know, the APA went through strategic planning last year. At PAS we promoted our new mission and vision as well as our goals.  Our Board, Region & SIG Chairs, Scholar Program Leaders and Staff are busy aligning our programs with our goals, determining new opportunities and building on our strengths.  We have two new working groups, Committee Chairs and Scholar Program Leaders (led by Mary Ottolini and Steve Selbst, respectively), bringing together these leaders to look at opportunities to learn from each other, streamline our processes as well as evaluate our structures for efficiencies and growth as we work towards our new goals.

In addition, another goal is to identify additional opportunities for membership engagement. Currently, Maryellen Gusic and Alison Holmes are leading a project to identify senior mentors for our SIGS, engaging our more seasoned leaders to support our programs and draw from their expertise.  We continue to look for opportunities to build the wonderful APA New Century Scholars program, led by Faye Jones and Rachel Thornton, and are hopeful that through more collaboration, we will be able to expand it further (we currently partner with ABP and APS to support this program) with increased opportunities for more residents to participate and for junior and senior mentors.

Lastly, to meet our new goals we continue to work on our communication and IT strategy (led by Nancy Kelly).  We look forward to enhancing membership engagement and education opportunities through increased communication and a new website and learning management system.

PAS is also working through a strategic planning process; with their draft currently up for review and comment.  We (led by Judy Shaw and Steve Selbst) look forward to continue working with the PAS management team and our partner organizations (APS-SPR and AAP) to strengthen the meeting and expand and improve opportunities for our members.   PAS is undergoing important growth that we are sure will lead to even more for our members. 

I am very excited as my term as APA President begins to move forward our strategic plan with our Board and the Degnon management team and to work with our collaborating organizations to advance our vision of a thriving academic pediatric community that ensures optimal health and well-being for all children, particularly those most vulnerable.  Through evaluating our current leadership and management structures, we hope to increase membership engagement, career development and efficiencies in order to grow and enhance our pediatric community.


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