Health Care Without Harm

Children should grow up in healthy physical surroundings. We recognize that hospitals and other health care institutions often contribute to environmental pollution. Therefore, on August 12, 1999, the Board of Directors of the Ambulatory Pediatric Association voted unanimously to support the broadbased campaign, Health Care Without Harm. Health Care Without Harm has seven goals: To work with a wide range of constituencies for an ecologically sustainable health care system, to eliminate the nonessential incineration of medical waste and to promote safe materials use and treatment practices, to phase out the use of PVC plastics and persistent toxic chemicals in health care, to phase out the use of mercury in all aspects of the health care industry, to develop just siting and transportation guidelines that conform to the principles of environmental justice, and to develop an effective collaboration and communication structure among campaign allies. Health Care Without Harm strives to help hospitals and other health care facilities accomplish these goals. Information about the campaign and about achieving the above goals may be found at The Board of Directors urges all members t encourage their institutions to adapt environmentally responsible practices.



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