Strategic Plan

APA Strategic Plan: 2012-2017

Overarching Goals

  • Improve the health and well-being of children and families
  • Meet our members' needs

Advance the Career and Professional Development of Our Members

  • Enhance the academic skills of our members through the development of new skill-building programs such as the new Research Scholars Program, and potential scholar programs in public policy/advocacy and quality improvement
  • Advance the careers of our members by recognizing the excellence of their work, including: o Document and disseminate member accomplishments to member's department chairs and/or division directors as appropriate
    • Develop awards for trainees across our mission pillars of education, research, health care delivery, and public policy and advocacy
    • Create additional awards for members to recognize excellence in the mission areas, i.e., a teaching award to complement the teaching program award
  • Increase the diversity of future academic pediatricians by continuing to support the New Century Scholars Program, and recruiting and retaining a diverse membership
  • Develop additional mentorship networking opportunities for members at national and regional meetings sponsored by the APA in collaboration with the Mentorship Task Force
  • Maintain and strengthen existing programs that promote professional development and scholarship and that enhance the field of academic pediatrics, including:
    • Research Core Activities: Young Investigator Awards, APA supported research networks, Resident Investigator Awards, and APA Awards for Best Abstracts by trainees
    • Educational Core Activities: Educational Scholars Program, Academic General Pediatric Fellowship Accreditation Program, Pediatric Hospital Medicine Conferences, educational summits such as PEEAC, and Educational Guidelines Project
    • Academic Pediatrics, our journal
    • Leadership Conferences

Champion an Equitable Children's Agenda

  • Intensify the APA's efforts in setting the course for achieving child health equity from a national and global perspective o Stimulate policy development and action within SIGs, Regions, Committees, and general membership
    • Engage members in a dialog regarding organizational values; consider different types of policies and an enhanced involvement of members in the approval process
    • Strengthen the process to identify key issues to champion regarding equity for children and families nationally and globally
  • Continue to effectively advocate for adequate financing of health care for all children and adolescents, sustained funding of pediatric training programs, progress in health care reform, and adequate implementation of the medical home

Meet Our Members' Needs

  • Optimize our services to members through the use of data
  • Identify and meet the needs of our diverse members across lifespan, discipline, geography, gender, and race/ethnicity
  • Engage young faculty and trainees in our organization:
    • Create a task force charged with identifying the needs of young faculty and trainees
    • Consider a modification of our dues structure to reflect the transition from trainee to faculty
  • Reach out to members through initiatives aimed at enhancing first contacts with new members and knowledge and awareness of value of the APA for all

Improve Our Organizational Structure to Better Support Our Core Activities and Our Members

  • Strengthen our Special Interest Groups (SIGS) and Regions
  • Re-evaluate Board composition and job descriptions of Board members
  • Empower operational directors of the Board to recruit members to support them in assigned Board functions
  • Re-focus the Health Care Delivery Committee on innovations of care, quality improvement, integration of care, and care of the complex patient
  • Develop an information technology plan to support our members, SIGs, Regions, and core activities
  • Ensure adequate staff and infrastructure to support the activities of the Board, membership and organization

Our New Mission:
The APA is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all children and adolescents by promoting research, advancing a scholarly approach to education, developing innovations in health care delivery, advocating for an equitable child health agenda, and fostering leadership and career development of child health professionals.

Our New Vision:
To create a better world for children and families by advancing child health and well-being through the work of our members and collaborators.

Our New Core Values:
The Academic Pediatric Association will pursue its goals of improving child health and meeting our members' needs by embracing the following Core Values:

  • Optimal health for all children
  • Focus on the whole child
  • Scholarship
  • Inter-disciplinary collaboration
  • Diversity
  • Professional development
  • Partnership with children, families and communities

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