Academic Pediatric Association – About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Academic Pediatric Association.

Our New Mission:

The APA is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all children and adolescents by promoting research, advancing a scholarly approach to education, developing innovations in health care delivery, advocating for an equitable child health agenda, and fostering leadership and career development of child health professionals.

Our New Vision:

To create a better world for children and families by advancing child health and well-being through the work of our members and collaborators.

Our New Core Values:

The Academic Pediatric Association will pursue its goals of improving child health and meeting our members' needs by embracing the following Core Values:

  • Optimal health for all children
  • Focus on the whole child
  • Scholarship
  • Inter-disciplinary collaboration
  • Diversity
  • Professional development
  • Partnership with children, families and communities



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